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What is VoiceZone® Connect?

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Please be aware that as of October 2016 VoiceZone is no longer available for download.

Existing VoiceZone subscribers will be able to continue to use the product. 




VoiceZone® Connect is a software application that enables you to better enjoy your TWC Phone service - right from your computer.  With VoiceZone® Connect on your computer, you can:

  • Keep tabs on your TWC Phone from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Know who’s calling with VoiceZone® Connect's Caller ID on PC feature.
  • Get new voicemail alerts and listen to your messages without having to log on sign in to VoiceZone®.
  • Keep an important list of numbers for friends, family and business associates close at hand.
  • Place calls with the click of a mouse, both from home and remotely.
  • Plus more features you’ll love.

Note: The voicemail features in VoiceZone® Connect also require a subscription to Time Warner Cable Voicemail service. All you need in order to take advantage is a TWC ID. Don't have a TWC ID? Register for one now.



What can I do using VoiceZone® Connect Contacts?


Time Warner Cable stores your Contacts in a network address book on our servers. Your Contact List is specific to your TWC ID. This way, when you use your personal TWC ID, your personal contacts are universally available on any computer where you have VoiceZone® Connect installed and have an Internet connection.

You can use Contacts to:

  • Save contact information directly from the Voicemail List.
  • Save contact information from Recents.
  • Import and export contacts to and from VoiceZone® Connect by going to the Contacts tab and choosing the appropriate action button. Both Microsoft Outlook CSV and vCard 3.0 formats are supported.
  • Assign one of the provided ringtones, add a photo and give your contact a nickname.
  • Delete contacts one at a time from the Contact Edit mode.

For further instructions, visit the Help section in the VoiceZone® Connect application.


VoiceZone Connect