A new Cap-Tel Landline phone with captioning /setup

Hi the representative who brought me the phone for my low vision and hearing issues , she set it up and it has 2 cables it uses 1 to phone line 1 and the other is HDMI port plug in! I use the phone app to forward my home calls to my cell when not at home! But after we set this new line up , I went on my cell phone TWC/Spectrum app and I unchecked all boxes for forwarding calls to use the land line at home! It wouldn't work and with all the apps boxes unchecked it still rolled the landlines calls to my cell phone??? Help! Please๐Ÿ˜€

Re: A new Cap-Tel Landline phone with captioning /setup

Contact whoever sold you this and see if they changed something in your phone service programming since that's the "new kid on the block"