Re: Tuning Adapter - stuck in B'Cast only

do you have the output port of your TA conneected to the Cetrons cable in?

 Copy and paste your modems signal level page, how close to +52 dBmv are you?

The TA is just a cable modem with a usb rather than ethernet port, it has an internal 3.5 dB loss 2 way splitter built in and should not be behind extra splitters. The out port must be used.

If you are also using MOCA, there are issues.

Are you getting encrypted qam channels? If not, the cablecard is at fault and perhaps having TWC send a new one out will fix both n/a issues., The local stores don't have ones that work.

Also verify the MAC with TWC, if wrong, the TA won't work.



Re: Tuning Adapter - stuck in B'Cast only

I am having the same issue.  No luck with two techs and countless people on the phone and online chat.    I am in NYC with a Tivo 4 , Cisco cablecard, and Scientific America TA.  


This has been going on for months and is incredibly frustrating.


Re: Tuning Adapter - stuck in B'Cast only

Hi - 

I'm the original poster, and thought I would update you and everyone on my status.

It took 2 months, but I finally got a "Foreman" to come look at the situation - and he was the only one who was able to figure out what the real issue was.  It took 8 'techs' before we got the foreman - even though one was scheduled 3 times.  I finally put my foot down when the last tech showed without a foreman and refused to let him in until he got a foreman to agree to come by that day.   3 hours later the foreman (and supervisor) were there with the tech of the day and it took the foreman about 15 min to decide it was a signal issue coming into my building (it was not stable enough to allow the tuning adapters to lock).  


They put an order in for an outside tech to check the service into the building (I did not need to be home for that) and about 2 days later my tuning adapters locked in (no longer in b'cast only).  All my channels reappeared.


We ended up fighting Spectrum for a decent credit to the account (once I stopped my autopay) - although not enough in my opinion considering the number of hours I spent waiting with and without techs to solve this problem.


My advice - demand earlier that a foreman comes (and a foreman not a supervisor - there's a difference I didnt realize at first).