Re: TiVo Roamio & Motorola Tuning Adapter

Motorola Tuning adapters require firmware version 1.40 in order to resolve the issue. Please contact your cable provider and request a firmware upgrade.  This has been available for some time now!


" You will be unable to watch or record some channels until the issue is resolved. To stop receiving this message, unplug the USB cable that connects the Tuning Adapter to the TiVo box. With the USB cable disconnected from the TiVo box, you will continue to receive some channels and can watch existing recordings."   This is not a solution just an excuse. So I pay my bill for service that I am not getting.  There is no recourse for me that you are not doing your job. If i fail to pay the bill I get cut off. can I get that firmware upgrade? Send it to me I can update it myself!



Re: TiVo Roamio & Motorola Tuning Adapter

The update was pushed in all locations. If you are still experiencing issues, reboot the equipment. Further issues may need to be resolved by the Cable Card helpdesk at 866-532-2598.

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