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The coverage map and app show partner wifi hotspots for Northern California.  Except the partner hotspots are Xfinity, a Comcast company.  Since the merger was cancelled, Comcast and Xfinity are no longer TWC partners.  And they don't they are, because when I tried to log onto one, I got told I wasn't a valid user.  How about updating your hotspot coverage? And why does a tech company take so long to make changes?  This news, in tech terms, is very old and should have been corrected months ago. 

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Re: Update Partner Wifi Hotspots



We are still in collaboration with Internet Service Providers including Bright House Networks, Cablevision, Comcast and Cox Communications. 


These Hotspots would be labeled CableWiFi®. If you are trying to login to 

one that specifically says Xfinity you would not be able to authenticate. Those would be for their customers only, much like we have TWC WiFi hotspots that are not shared.


You can read more about our WiFi Hotspots here: TWC WiFi Hotspots


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