TWC hotspot will not work

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TWC hot spot worked well for over 1 year now for the last several weeks it will not work. Can someone please help. 


Re: TWC hotspot will not work

I assume you mean at a coffee shop/ bar/ restaurant and not at home?

Need more info.

 At home it's a private wireless network and away from home, a guest WIFI network.

 What device are you using?

Define "doesn't work"


Re: TWC hotspot will not work

Make sure you are using the same username and password you used to log i n to this forum, not your email address and password.


Re: TWC hotspot will not work

Away from home, will not connect to TWC Wifi hotspot or Passpoint.  It says unable to join Network.  I used this at the exact spot for over a year and had no problems

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Re: TWC hotspot will not work



I apologize for the frustration.  Our team is not able to access HotSpots. We do have a separate team that supports HotSpots, they can be reached at  1-888-851-9350. 



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Re: TWC hotspot will not work

report this to the business owner, they may have cancelled TWC service or don't realize the hotspot is dead. It is a seperat modem and a Ruckus AP not connected in anyway to the businesses TWC internet network