Re: TWC WIFI passport issue "not verified"

gonzal13 wrote:

I downloaded the app two days ago and received the same message.Also it asks for the Device and Mac address.


Twc does not know what Mac address to use. One said my modem/wyfy at home and another said to call apple.


well my Iphone 4 does not display the full Mac address and apple will not provide it. I am waiting for my Iphone 6 next week to see if it displays the full Mac address.


Here is the contact



I do not have them, but google TWC and ther are two frustrated clientsa displaying the corporate level e-mail contacts



Re: TWC WIFI passport issue "not verified"

Looks like the issue is finally fixed with the latest update. That took long enough.
Spectrum Employee

Re: TWC WIFI passport issue "not verified"

Unloaded1 wrote:
Went to use the wifi while at the time warner cable store today and I downloaded a new profile via the TWC wifi app. The profile is supposed to let me surf securely from what I've read. However when installing the new profile on my iPhone 6, it warns me that it's "not verified."

Could this be an expired certificate issue? If so how does one make time warner aware of the problem?




Yes this a common issue with TWC WIFI.... Time Wander Cable will not pay to have every license signed that IT generates. As long as you are using secure standards such as "HTTPS://WWW.BLANKBLANKBLANK.COM." Then you should not have issues. But as with any connection there are vulnerabilities. Never share personal information that is not already public information. Never share anything that could cause harm to yourself or others around you. Just a good rule of thumb! Happy surfing from Time Warner Cable!




Re: TWC WIFI passport issue "not verified"