Los Angeles TWCWIFI hotspots broken

August 2017 Los Angeles I have tried over a half dozen hotspots in LA in the past three days --- only one worked. Called two of them in - each call took around 30 minutes (for them to gather data) - one hot spot hadn't been accessed in over a week, the other for 3 days. Customer service guy says with surprise, "...nobody else has called this in." Well, given that it takes a half hour to finish a report, I'm trying to connect at a stop along the road (away from home), probably won't ever be at this "hotspot" again, and there's no "fix" or reset - who has time to go through a 30 minute call without getting connected (unresolved) in the end?
Months ago when I called about a remote TWCWIFI hotspot that wasn't working, the Rep was able to reset the site while I was on the phone with her. No longer an option, apparently.
The main reason we have kept Spectrum Time Warner is because we can connect securely away from home. Without this, there's no reason not to switch providers and grab a package elsewhere! I'm giving Spectrum/TW a week. No fix - I'm shopping other providers.

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I apologize for the issues with the hotspots. We do not have remote access from here for the hotspots. Only the department that deals with them directly have the access. 


WiFi hotspot customersupport hotline :  1-888-851-9350.


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Tell the business to call TWC, it's part of their service they pay for. You shouldn't have to do it for them.