Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

Since installing this app on my Galaxy S6 Edge (running Lollipop 5.1.1) two days ago, the phone battery drains quite rapidly.


I unchecked the Auto-Connect box, but the app continues to search for hotspots and sends notifications. Is this because I saved my TWC ID and password?


I also am unable to edit Tags in the settings screen. Why is that?


Instead of uninstalling the app or turning off my phone's WiFi, is there a way to turn it off?

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Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

On most Android phones, there is a way to stop backround usage of any applications. I would enure that is selected to reduce the battery usage. That will make sure that when the application is exited, that it is closed and not continuing to run when not in use. 


Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)



Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

Have you exited out of the app completely to see if that changes anything?  If not, I would recommend temporarily uninstalling the app to see if that has any affect.


Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you.


Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

I just got off the phone with TWC Tech Support.  There is no way to disable the WiFi Finder.  The only option is to uninstall it.  You can do a Force Stop, but it will restart after the next reboot.


WiFi Finder was clobbering battery life on my Galaxy S6 also.


Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

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A screenshot of battery usage would help identify the problem.


Also, why not Marshmallow?  It's better on battery.


TWC WiFi Finder is still a battery hog, though.  You could disable the app in Settings | Apps | WiFi Finder | Disable (or use Titanium Backup to freeze it if you're rooted) and re-enable it when you know you need it...making it pretty much too much of a pain to use, I know.

Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

I am having the same issues with this app on marshmellow. I thought that unchecked it in the settings and disabling background data would help but neither did. Every week or so the app will drain my battery from 100 percent in a matter of hours. As if it gets glitched in a loop like a runaway train of cellular death and CTDs. (Cellular transmitted diseases)

I hate this because it's the only way I like to pay my bill.

Re: Issues with WiFi Finder app (Android)

Please note. I am running Samsung S6 as well but I uninstalled the wifi finder app and am only running the My TWC app. It is what is causing my random battery drains. Even when I force close the app. Often my battery saver app will detect it at 98% usage alone. Seems like TWC needs to outsource their app development. I have submitted multiple feedback requests to Play with logs.