Hot spots not current by years!

TWC Hot spots locator app is grossly out of date. Most of the indicated businesses that subscribe have been gone for years. Very disappointing. It is as though with all the mergers that much of Time Warner has quit trying to provide any meaningful service.


Re: Hot spots not current by years!

I have never found half of what they listed on the limited areas I've tried here in northeast Ohio.

or they are at such a poor location in the building that they don't cover to the sidewalk, yet my open air tests on the Ruckus ones seem to show a 500+ foot range on 2.4 gHz

some might be 5.8 gHz only and those are forbidden by FCC rules to be installed outside.

 You may find some dual band and others on a single band.

They also do not allow TWC hotspots without the biz having TWC service... Many here were fed up and went to Uverse/ Directv which is more stable