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I rent and small office to move from work at home to a more quite space (I am a freelancer web designer). I choose this particular building because the TWC hot spot was cover the whole building, for the past 5 months everything was working great. Around 3 week ago the TWC tech came with a sales lady and for what the manager of the building say they clean a lot of unused wire and fix some connection, after that the signal star to be weak and some time is not show on the available wifi connections. What is fun, before the tech and sale lady came was a couple private wifi and now the private connection are duplicate, maybe is a trick to force people like me get the business service :-( ?, I don't know.


My problem on get a pay service here is because the business service is expensive and if I want to pay a little bit less I have to sign a 2 year contract for a service of 10 mb download  when the hot spot is 15 and in my case I not sure if I going to be here so much longer.


There is anyway or device I can use to amplified the signal?




Re: Hot Spot get missing frequently...

Hot spots are for residential customers not for business use supposedly.

 Some of the USB wifi panel antenna's or Ubiquity client devices work a lot better than internal wifi cards


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Re: Hot Spot get missing frequently...

Access to TWC WiFi® and partner hotspots is free for all TWC Residential customers with minimum Standard or Extreme Internet service and all Business Class Internet customers.


Free access is also available to Starter Internet customers in the Kansas City area.


If you don't meet any of these criteria, you can still access TWC WiFi® Hotspots through a Free Trial or by purchasing an Access Pass.




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