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Where Can Former Brighthouse Networks Customers Go For Support?

Hey Spectrum,


Some questions.  I also help out, in addition to this forum, at the DSL Reports Community Spectrum Support Forums.  Since TWC/Charter is now Spectrum, I told former Brighthouse Networks Customers about this great forum, but some customers report that if they were with BHN that they can't create an account here.  Where can they get help?  Is there a way that we can add former BHN members accounts to our Spectrum Community Forum here?


Some areas of Floria (Former BHN) now Spectrum just got updated to the Navigator Guide ODN 8.0 and there are some issues  that some BHN customers have, so I said "Reply to the thread that I created about The Guide Feedback  in the TWC/Spectrum Community Forums.  Give your box make and model and a description of the problem, cuz that goes to the development team."  Problem is they can't create an account here.


Can Spectrum work on getting former BHN accounts over to this forum?  In the meantime, is there another form to which they can go for assistance that will be read by Spectrum employees?  I'd like then to have something other than needing to call Customer Care or post on Twitter.  This is because this is a great community!  We should have former BHN members a part of this forum.







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Re: Where Can Former Brighthouse Networks Customers Go For Support?

I believe Legacy Charter and Legacy BHN did not have a community forums like this, and these forums are only available to Legacy TWC. While we are merging into one company, each market is still handled by the respective Legacy company. If a Legacy Charter or BHN customer calls us accidentally, we have to transfer them to the proper company in order for them to be assisted. We are still working on integrating systems for all 3 companies so all issues can be handled by represented by any of the former Legacy companies. So until that happens, these forums are still only for Legacy TWC customers to receive community help/suggestions, and there is no saying if they will open to those other Legacy markets even then. Only time will tell I suppose.

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Re: Where Can Former Brighthouse Networks Customers Go For Support?

Comcast and Charter had/have forums...

If someone has a spectrum account they should be able to get here, but I've yet to see any former Charter customers here, just WOW and Oceanics ...


 This is peer to peer support with very little interaction by TWC/Spectrum.