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Just a quick suggestion about the spectrum website itself.  Perhaps shutting off the log out timer (or making it last a little longer) when a person is in a live chat with customer support would be good.  It's really frustrating when you are trying to live chat and look at your account information while the website constantly (Every 3 seconds, I timed it) gives you the pop up asking if you would like to stay logged in.

I understand the need for having such an option for security reasons, but, if a customer clicks the "Stay logged in" button it should give you a little bit more then 3 seconds before popping up again.

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Thanks for the feedback, we will pass it along.  

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Re: Website suggestion



I did some testing and I did not experience this issue.


I would like to look into this closer. If you will please DM over some additional information 

I would appreciate that.   Forums_Help


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