Environmental Sustainability - Snail Mail Advertisements Raising Concern



As a Spectrum customer, I recieve mail about new products and services that they are offering.  Digital mail is a great way to inform clients with a minimal impact to the environment, but what about snail mail?  I recieve snail mail from Spectrum on a weekly to bi-weekly baises.  Most of the time it is a single sheet of paper, and I proudlly recycle this minimal impact on the environment. 


Today I have recieved an envelope from Spectrum.  Before opening it, I had noticed a warning on the front to not bend the envelope.  The concern was that bending the mail would have damaged the card that was inside.  When I opened the mail, I was presented with the expected sheet of paper, followed by a 3 and 1/2 inch by 6 inch cardboard cut out.  To help put that into perspective, that is nearly the dimensions of my hand.  This card seemed to be lamenated with a plastic type film, rendering it no longer recyclable.  In the event that it is recyclable, it is a much denser material than the standard sheet of paper.  I understand that the card was designed to increase notice around the wonderful deal presented with Spectrum TV.  In my case awareness was raised, but not in the way I believe it was intended.

My concerned surounds the amount and quality of the mail that I have recieved, and how that type of mail must be reaching many other customers as well.  A single discarded cardboard card has little impact on the planet, but a singl card per Spectrum customer results in a possible problem.  I would like to see Spectrum inform their customers in a format that would reduce the company's impact on the environment.

Do others share my concerns for the impact of this "single use," discarded mail that is compounded upon by the number of customers who recieve this letter?


Community Manager

Re: Environmental Sustainability - Snail Mail Advertisements Raising Concern

Thanks for the feedback.  We will pass it along to the marketing team. 


Spectrum Social Media Customer Care