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What Levels Of Tier Tech Support Are Avaliable?

Hey Guys,


How ya doing?  I was wondering what levels of tech support are available to the TWC customer when they call in to report an issue?  Are their four tiers of support personnel at TWC? For people like many of us at the forum who have several years of cable experience, what I would like to know is the following:


How can you call and bypass the scripted level 1 CSR's on the phone, "reboot the box to solve anything" if you have a box problem or signal problem, you've rebooted and all of the preliminary stuff, and you want to talk to a "higher level person" right away when you call?


What I heard was that level 3 tech support was ONLY offered for Internet and Phone!  I was like, "What?"  "Why?"  I really hope that level 3 and level 4 support would also be available for cable TV services.  If a customer for example calls to report a cable service outage and says, "I'd like to speak to someone about a cable TV issue that has remain unresolved, to whom would the CSR's transfer the call?  Or does this vary by division?


Would like to say I am grateful to all the wonderful techs here were we can post our problems and they can see beyond the "reboot the box" as the solution to all cable problems!  Thanks all!



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Re: What Levels Of Tier Tech Support Are Avaliable?

Since generally, cable issues are alot simpler, meaning it's usually a bad signal level, or bad equipment, there isn't much escalation for tier 3 to handle regarding cable tv issues.  But if there are ongoing issues that have not been resolved and the 2 primary issues have been addressed, any technical support rep or customer service rep has the ability to submit a service escalation ticket about the issue, which goes straight to the tech ops department supervisors to look into.