Re: Firefox and other browsers no longer work at these forums

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Karl, The OP is running enterprise releases which is kinda like a certain "M" company that was selling win 95 OS boxes in 2000....

 I can't believe  Mozilla is 3-6 months behind, especially  with security issues . This is similar to Java. It leaves enterprise open to hackers for months...

karlbeckman wrote:

Just one more test point:


Firefox 50.0.2 is working fine here on the forums with Win10 on the computer, and 49.0.2 just prior to that also behaved well.   I won't comment on quirks in the Forum software itself, since that is TWC's responsibility.

50.0.2 runs fine on Win XP SP3 as well

Flash player  doesn't though.




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Re: Firefox and other browsers no longer work at these forums

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Preferred Browsers

For a consistent and reliable experience with Lithium-powered communities, we recommend using the latest releases of the following browsers (with JavaScript enabled, and not inclusive of any backward-compatibility modes):

  • Chrome 
  • Firefox 
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Mobile browser support when using Responsive

If you are using Lithium Responsive, you must use  a current version of one of these mobile browsers:

  • iOS with Safari 
  • Chrome on Android

Mobile v1 browser support

If you are using Mobile v1, we recommend a current version of one of the following (with JavaScript enabled):

  • iOS with Safari 
  • Android with Android browser 
  • Opera Mini 
  • Blackberry Browser

While we do support Firefox, the ESR version is not officially supported.

If you have any issues with the supported browsers please do let us know by 

messaging us directly at TWC_ForumsHelp



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