Browser won't play content

Yet another problem today with not playing content. 


"We apologize, but we are unable to fulfill your request at this time. Please try again later."


The frequency of software issues has increased five fold since Charter bought Time Warner Cable. Complete opposite to the "better experience" Charter promised its customers.


Yet...the Broadcast TV and Sports Programming Surchage has increased to $10.20 month from $8.75. Higher cost. Poorer service.


Guess I'll spend another half hour on the phone with Customer Service for a service credit.


Re: won't play content

Same here...

Re: won't play content

Since the merger this has been a complete disaster wish it wouldv'e just stayed TWC

Re: won't play content

Just wanted you to know that if you go into apps, look for the station you want to watch. Sign in with spectrum and you can watch your shows that way... Sometimes you get to watch more episodes from their own apps... Good luck and happy watching😄