Observer fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV" fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV".  While in the Guide tab of the web page and clicking on a current time program, the clicking on the "Watch on TV" button gives an error message "Failed to Start name of program". This happens on a PC and a Chromebook,  but does not happen on an android device. I've called costomer service 5 days ago and they said it would be resolved in 72 hours. Still not fixed.


Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

I am having the same problem also I called and Spectrum had me believe I was the only one. I thought it was a setting but that is not the case its a glict in their system evidently. I will contact them about this again since I know its not an isolated issue.  Thank you

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Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

@ajust222  @diehoser  Good morning. I have not been able to duplicate the issue on 

multiple devices with multiple logins. 


I have attempted this in Chrome and IE and experienced no irregularities or failures.


If you will contact us via DM here: Forums_Help with some additional information it 

would be appreciated.


1. Your account number

2. Your username (s)

3. What devices you are and are not able to use Spectrum TV

4. If PC or MAC please include browser type and version as well as operating system version

5. Do you experience this with all username/logins?


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Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

Others in your organization are able to duplicate the issue. See below.


Re: web guide watch on TV failed to start
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Thank you for that information. I have tested our cable box in our office and we are having the same issue. We can change the channel with the app on an Android device but not with the website. I will have to escalate the issue to have it looked into. Thank you for bringing the issue to our attention. 


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Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

I still have this problem too. both dvr's do not work, 3 browsers have the same error. Same error evertime. "watch on TV failed to start" This has worked before, I used it for years. I noticed the issue about end of July.  (6.5 weeks now) The phone app works. So it is a problem at Timewarner, from the website, chose any browser, chrome IE, edge, firefox. 

There are also increased security warnings with all browsers now. Apparently no ones how to update the certifficates properly to SHA265 and a proper CA.

I'm not sure I will be with TimeWarner much more, ever since Charter and spectrum changes all the services are going down and the price has gone up. I don't see any advantages here any more.

When are you all going to fix it?


Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

I chatted with tech support, (info: at 12:48:32 You are now chatting with Ragini) he wanted to connect to my PC to fix the issue. That is useless, since it used to work and have been using it for years. 

I asked for a credit on my account, he sent me to tech support; Ragini: at 12:59:53 I request you to contact our advance technical support team, who will help you with the exact information. Ragini: at 13:00:04 Please call them at: 718-358-0900

Again I asked for a credit and how much, then notice he had rebooted my modem/phone, so I could not call and he could not get a review against him. He should go dig ditches somewhere away from the public customer service.


Re: fails to start when clicking on "Watch on TV"

Found out the credit I received after 6 weeks of their product not working; $3.06