Every time they update their app it stops working😁 sometimes it will take until midnight before you can use demand. This is so very frustrating. So what I have to do is: go into apps and select the app for the station you want to watch and sign in with your spectrum account. Sometimes you'll be able to see more shows than what demand offers... 

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Re: Updates

I have noticed the same. It takes them a couple of minutes to break it and then several days to correct the issue. As any IT person will tell you, you have make a backup before you deploy changes to an app for just this reason. You can then correct the problem within minutes and minimize the customer impact.


This lastest issue where nothing is available except live tv and it's limited guide had already been reported 17 hours earlier when I called last night around 7pm. Now why does it take the user community to find these issues and not their quality control personel.  No on demand, no search and no listing of shows that are on after the current show are not small issues. These are key elements. I wonder if they have even made an attemp to fix it.