Re: Twc tv app always buffering

Many of us have already contacted tech support directly through the appropriate channels, and have now resorted to this forum in the distant hope some fix is available.

TWC has to even acknolwege there is an issue with the constant, every single day, every single show, every single channel buffering issue.

As many have pointed out, we dont buffer with ANY OTHER ONLINE VIDEO SERVICE.  For fun and just to assure myslef of my sanity, I have had 4 different programs playing on 4 browers on two monitors at the same time.  All in HD, and there was not one single buffering issue.

With just ONE show playing on TWC watch tv now, there was buffering.

Have tried all the suggestions phone tech support offered, and they have not done a thing to help.

If people come to this forum and seek help in such numbers over such an ubuquitos issue, surely some common sense from TWC would alert them this is a real issue and needs to be resolved.

Not deflected with the canned "Go through the regular channels" response.

Help us.  Due to the monopoly you have on this town, you are the ONLY ones we can turn to for help.  And you are letting us swing in the breeze 

Re: Twc tv app always buffering

Are you serious?  You post a link to a third party forum site that asks for a ten dollar fee to sign up?


We are here looking for help with your crappy tv service and the constant buffering many of us deal with.

And you send us to a site that requires a fee to use?

Jesus, this is why when google fiber comes to town I will no longer have any need to interact with your company.

In the mean-time, we, the paying customers of TWC respectfully request that you do something about your tv app and the constant, non-stop, every day every show every channel buffering.



Re: Twc tv app always buffering

I have experienced the same thing.  Time Warner "Customer Service" does little more than try to blame me, suggest I reboot, or give me some nonsense about how they reboot their servers at ten pm eastern time.  I have been complaining for MONTHS and months and MONTHS.  All to no avail.  I have dozens of screen captures of buffering, SERVICE UNAVAILABLE, and pretty much any other service errpo you could think of.  It's disgraceful.


Adam Rodman

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Re: Twc tv app always buffering

I agree with you. There are so many of us experiencing this issue. The buffering has gotten worse since the "Maxx" rollout. I actually ran a speed test just after starts buffering and my connection is around 113 megabit/s which I believe is what my surfboard SB6141 should max out at.


Between the buffering of live tv and new shows on "On Demand" not playing we are getting a totally useless service.


Re: Twc tv app always buffering

That seems a dumb answer.   Why would they restart the servers at 10PM instead of 2AM?   Or is that the time they have to restart to dump all the users since everything is locked up?


That is when it stops working for me like on a Sunday night when alot of premier shows have new episodes.


I check my speed at the time and it is always more then 50MBps download.   If my connect was the issue then it is also TWC to blame.


Obviously, having server side lag.   They know it and can't just add more capacty on snap of fingers if they even desire to spend a few extra bucks to deliver decent service at peak hour.


Instead they stick head in sand so support teams are left to give lip service and waste your time with useless diagnosis.


Re: Twc tv app always buffering

App seems to work ok during the off hours but buffers to the point of useless during the evening and of course primetime.


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This problem has been affecting me greatly for the past 3 weeks. Before, it would skip every once and awhile and I didn't really mind. Now, every night around 8 or 8:30 PM, the service is completely unusable. Buffering to the point that 3 or 4 minutes of a 30 minute program will play. As others have reported, other streaming services are fine, and I can run a speedtest that maxes out my download speed while twc tv buffers away in another tab. This is one of my favorite features of twc, what happened?

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This has been happening to me too. Other websites load just fine, other streaming sites play with no interruption, but when I try to watch Live TV on my laptop, it buffers to the point where I can't watch anything. On Demand on my laptop hasn't been working the last few days, either. I'm using the latest version of Chrome and my flash player is up to date.


Re: Twc tv app always buffering

as usual, buffering occurs just before 9PM when premiere shows are on sunday night.


I want to thank time warner since instead of watching this week's episode of fear the walking dead. I went out and observed a beautiful lunar eclipse in perfect weather here on east coast.


I knew I could count on your lacking like clockwork to my advantage this week.


I will have to catch the new episode directly on AMC tomorrow where there is no buffering issues rather than wait forever for TWC to get the new episode on demand since that is never a priority either.


Re: Twc tv app always buffering

Having exact same problems as everyone here, and TWC is not responding or fixing. I tried yesterday afternoon, buffering. Last, buffering. Today buffering. I've tried numerous "fixes." Nothing. We are sooo close to "cutting the cord" here in NYC. All other streaming services work well, on desktop, table and phone. Dear, TW, FIX IT.