Trouble watching TWC on pc

Has anyone else had an issue receiving an error popup message stating "An error occurred during video playback. The video is temporarily unavailable. Please try another video or try again later."?


I have a service tech coming out tomorrow to try to fix this issue.


I'm trying to find this issue posted somewhere online. I found one or two weblinks that sort of describe the issue. It's so frustrating getting this issue fixed.


Re: Trouble watching TWC on pc

Where are you? Anything running thru the Columbus OH RDC has issues.

 Copy and paste your modems signal level and error log issues, don't reset it, need to see real history before TWC get's there.

 Copy and paste a tracert to and another to and perhaps a 3rd to


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Re: Trouble watching TWC on pc



Have you tried clearing the browsing history or using a different browser?  If the issue is not resolved, please let us know.  


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Re: Trouble watching TWC on pc

I was unable to access Spectrum tv live using either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers. I am currently using Microsoft Edge with no problems.