Spectrum TV Stream is a JOKE!!!

Don't waste your money with TV Stream... 


When you select a streaming service, you would naturally expect to watch this service anywhere...  after all, it's streaming over the internet.  Not so with Spectrum TV Stream!

You can only watch all the channels they offer IF you are at home (or on a Spectrum network)! So what if you are at work ( which is my issue today ) or anywhere away from home?  You're Screwed...  the choices of channels are cut by more than half and what's offered isn't worth the money.   So now, I have to find another way to watch my game today.


I will be canceling this service with Spectrum...



Re: Spectrum TV Stream is a JOKE!!!

Agreed.. But IT DOES NOT WORK ANY BETTER AT A TWC WIFI HOTSPOT OR FRIENDS TWC CONNECTION and never has. Both on 2014 TWC and the latest Spectrum connections.

It will also not allow me to watch what the local corner bar pays for, on my device at their bar...

No local channels anywhere other than at home, just some of the standard and preferred channels.


The "TV ANYWHERE" ads were deceptive advertising as were many other ads ..

I think it's more of a cable theft issue to prevent subscribers from giving their id's to friends and relatives for free cable outside the premisis



Re: Spectrum TV Stream is a JOKE!!!

I have found that I can get any channel I am subscribed to with , my Sling subscription, from any location. I am giving very heavy thought to dropping Spectrum totally and going with Sling. I can get my locals free with an antenna.

Re: Spectrum TV Stream is a JOKE!!!


I can't get to ONDEMAND programming for the current week (already aired, not future programming) from my cable box - to watch it on my TV - but I can get it from my mobile device... but only in my home.    I LOVE watching TV in my house on my PHONE!  Good Lord. 

Pay obnoxious money for programming to only be available on SOME devices in SOME locations, but not all the same and certainly not away from home.  Charter/Spectrum/TWC is a joke.  We left Comcast/xfinity when we moved here... **bleep** I miss them.  Remotes that work with IR technology instead of decades old line of site, websites and apps that work and receipt of programming we've paid for.  Can't WAIT for them to get to this market and run these bozos out of town.


Re: Spectrum TV Stream is a JOKE!!!

Yes, it is very limiting, and as mentioned above, the "TV Anywhere" advertising was deceptive.

I saw an advertisement yesterday for a competitor advertising that with their service, you can watch 100% of your channels from anywhere. I'm guessing that was a slam of Spectrum, and/or any service that limits what channels can be watched outside of the subscription address.

I sure hope Spectrum will consider changing that policy!