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Spectrum TV Great in Windows 10 Choppy Video in Windows 8.1

Hi Spectrum,


Looking for updated information on this topic.  A few months ago, maybe more, I reported that Spectrum TV plays fine on my Windows 10 PC desktop, but suffers from video lag on my Windows 8.1 laptop.  Pictures do not sync to the audio at  all in Windows 8.1.  It's almost like watching a postcard montage, while the audio is very smooth  I have tried and compared this on all of my Windows 8.1 browsers, IE 11 and Firefox 57.  I do not have another mobile application that I could test, as suggested by the mods to try.


Updating the video drivers for my Toshiba Windows 8.1 shows that I already have the latest versions.  System File Checker fixed some issues some months ago, but made no difference as to the poor video on Spectrum TV running Windows 8.1.


I have twenty years of computing experience and am wondering if the conflict is due perhaps to Adobe Flashplayer, which auto updates on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10?  With Flash Player becoming less secure, and now blocked by default with modern browsers in most cases, would Spectrum consider a move to HTML 5 format for Spectrum TV.com content?  This needs to happen and could improve the audio issues that other customers and I have had with Spectrum TV on Windows 8.1.





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Re: Spectrum TV Great in Windows 10 Choppy Video in Windows 8.1



We can pass along your suggestion to the web page developers.  Other Forums members, has anyone else experienced the same or a similar issue?  



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Re: Spectrum TV Great in Windows 10 Choppy Video in Windows 8.1

I found an old topic asking why Spectrum is still using Flash and not HTML 5 here: