Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

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For the last 2 weeks, my Spectrum app has not worked on my Roku or my Samsung Smart TV. I have called 3 times. and am given a different reason/excuse each time. I subscribe to a bundled service, but am very close to discontinuing due to lack of being able to utilize what I am paying for. I have no idea what is going on with the app, but would appreciate it be fixed before I cancel my service.

Re: Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

Have you reset both your modem and the cable box/ DVR? If ones out of sync, the streaming won't work.

You also need to complain to Samsung about their awfull habit of sending out new firmware that's not backward compatable. This has happenned every spring for the past 5 or more years.

The new Samsungs DRM doesn't support TWC/ Spectrums video streams

Re: Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

mine stopped working two days ago.  this was on both home streaming and on my mobile device (at&t).  The mobile device worked briefly today... but then stopped.  I cant find a FAQ.


Re: Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

Same issue here.  Last night I even tried the Spectrum app on my phone and could get some channels but some wouldn't work.  I've contacted support and both nights were told that their engineers are working on it and that it's a known issue.  I asked for an ETA and they said that they had none.  Mine's been down on my Roku since Friday.  And just tried my phone app yesterday and it was spotty.  I've tried rebooting my router, removing and re-adding the app to my Roku and nothing has helped.  The one thing I noticed on my Roku is that it did a system up date on the Roku itself on 5-12 around the time that the app quit working.  So it seems to me they need to update their app.  And it's only been 4 days for me and think it's ridiculous that they haven't updated and fixed their app by now.  I also can't believe that they don't have an ETA on it getting fixed.  I'm paying for service that I'm not getting.


Re: Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

My apps stopped working on Sunday. It does not work on Roku, PC and IOS. They tried to tell me to uninstall then reinstall. I finally got second level support to admit that the issue was on their side. Still no fix. No excuse for a company like this to not be able to resolve issues in four days!

Re: Spectrum App not working for over 2 weeks

This is false. The Spectrum app is entirely independent of the cable box. In fact, in some test markets the Spectrum app was provided with a Roku and no cable box needed in the home.