Not Connected to Network?

I am seeing the following message on my PC.


"You can only watch this title when connected to your home TWC WiFi network"


I am connected to my TWC Router via Ethernet and Wireless and I have re-booted both the PC and the Router.  This used to work.  Now it does not.


Re: Not Connected to Network?

unplug your cable box and cable modem for 5 minutes, plug them back in, somethings out of sync and that usually resets it

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Re: Not Connected to Network?

This problem is not solved. Tried reset rounter, modem, waited for 10 mins. Still the same.

I am going to switch to AT&T

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Re: Not Connected to Network?



I apologize for the frustration.  Here is the correct link for private messages: TWC_ForumsHelp.


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