Not Connected to Network?

I am seeing the following message on my PC.


"You can only watch this title when connected to your home TWC WiFi network"


I am connected to my TWC Router via Ethernet and Wireless and I have re-booted both the PC and the Router.  This used to work.  Now it does not.


Re: Not Connected to Network?

unplug your cable box and cable modem for 5 minutes, plug them back in, somethings out of sync and that usually resets it

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Re: Not Connected to Network?

This problem is not solved. Tried reset rounter, modem, waited for 10 mins. Still the same.

I am going to switch to AT&T


Re: Not Connected to Network?

We would be happy to review this situation. We encourage you to contact us directly to look into this further. If you will contact us directly at TWC_ForumsHelp we ask that you please include your account number, service address associated with your account.

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Re: Not Connected to Network?

I tried to send a response to the link you included, but it has no user name and when I put in forumshelp it responds "There is no member with the username name."  Great customer service TWC.

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Re: Not Connected to Network?



I apologize for the frustration.  Here is the correct link for private messages: TWC_ForumsHelp.


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Re: Not Connected to Network?

Why is this topic marked solved when there is no solution posted. It's just PM Spectrum. That is not a solution.