Navigating directly to channels via Spectrum App

Is there any way to navigate directly to channels via the Spectrum app when on my phone, pc or Roku?  Example I'm on channel 10 and want to go to channel 400.  I've gone into the search and enter 400 but that only brings back shows with 400 in the title.  I try to search by channel name but I don't know the names as they may be setup i.e. Discovery is DSCHD.  I can't believe it's this clunky to navigate between channels.


I've also noticed there's a "go to channel" field on the Guide window but that doesn't seem to work consistently either.  It won't find some channels but does others.


What am I missing?


Re: Navigating directly to channels via Spectrum App

the channel numbers are only valid for cable boxes, the guide/AP needs the channel name/ abreviation as it's how they're listed in the internet also by alphabetical order there.