NY Mets Games on WPIX

I am a TWC Spectrum Cable customer from Sayre, PA 18840

I have watched the NY Mets Games on:

SNY - most of the games - and currently receiving this channel

Spectrum Sports - for many years broadcasted the Mets games (WPIX broadcast)

A few months ago, i was not able to receive Spectrum Sports (not available in my area).

In turn, I am loosing the WPIX mets games


Is there any plans to broadcast these games on another channel as I am (and will be) missing a significant amount of Mets games throughout the season?



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Re: NY Mets Games on WPIX

Well, you are definitely out of the NYC Television market, so carriage of WPIX on your system is a legacy holdover as being a significantly viewed station or back when there were "SuperStations".


To that end, since you are on the PA side fo the border, I imagine you are in terriorty claimed by the Phillies (but possibly the Pirates), and may need to subscribe to MLB Extra Innings, or MLB.tv (preferred) in order to watch Mets games.


WPIX doens't show as many games as they have in the past, most are on SNY.



Re: NY Mets Games on WPIX

According to MLB.TV, zip code 18840 is in Pittsburgh Pirates home territory.

You'd be able to subscribe to MLB Extra Innings or one of the MLB streaming options to watch all Mets games except for when they play the Pirates.




Re: NY Mets Games on WPIX

I also have this problem Binghamton area 13760. You got rid of twc sports and now no more Mets games. These are weekend games. This is the reason I have cable. We have gotten all 162 games for 30 years until spectrum

Re: NY Mets Games on WPIX

Is anyone going to correct this issue or should I just cancel my service