Loss of local channel lineup

Initially my channel lineup would change to another region of the US. no one could provide a reason why. It now happens every day. It’s like someone flipped a switch,  poof local channels gone only to be replaced with a channel line up from North Carolina, Florida and Georgia.   Not to worry, it must fix itself sometime during the night because no one knows why.


Today, 12-29-17, the Internet specialists that supposedly work on the app indicated that There IS A KNOWN PROBLEM. WITH THE APP. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, They’re workIng on it.  This is now supposedly documented, however 


Hey SPECTRUM, want help fixing it? Restore the Time Warner App, it worked fine..........


Re: Loss of local channel lineup

Good afternoon!


I am sorry this has been happening. We can certainly look into this further for you.


If you will DM us with some additional information we can get started.


Please include

1. Your account number

2. Your username

3. Are you seeing this on multiple devices? If so do they match?


Thank you for your participation in the forums.

We hope to hear from you soon.


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Re: Loss of local channel lineup

I lost all of my Local Channels yesterday (01-02-2018) in the San Diego area. This used to happen all the time with TWC, but this is now the first time under Spectrum.


I get "Service Unavailable. We're sorry but this channel is currently unavailable. We are working to restore service as soon as possible." for all my local channels.