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I used to use Firefox with the live TV but recently it has stopped working. I have uninstalled and reinstalled fire fox with no positive results. I get 'This Video is temporarilly unavalable" message. I do use Win 10, have made no changes to my computer. I can watch live TV using the following browsers: Chrome, Opera and MS Edge. I prefer Firefox because I play a online game at same time. With Chrome/Opera I get alot of lag in the game. With MS Edge, I get alot of stuttering on playback.


If anyone knows or has this issue with firefox and has come up with a fix please let me know




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I apologize for the issues with using Firefox. We'll need to work with you directly for further resolution. For direct support we can be reached at TWC_ForumsHelp

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Re: Live TV and Firefox

Your kidding right? I come to the forums to try and get help from others not TWC. I dont intend for this to be a flame post, but TWC Tech support isnt that great. Just the fact that you said 'call us' or use twitter to help tell sme you cant help. As there has been no other replys about this I will assume its an issue with firefox and just use something else

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It's not just Firefox, it's also Internet Explorer and Torch. I called technical support and they couldn't figure out what the problem was. I was told that I would get a call back but I still haven't heard anything and I'm getting more than just a little (edited) off here. We pay entirely too much to not even be able to watch what we want to watch. 

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Re: Live TV and Firefox

I apologize that your issue has not been resolved.  If you are still looking for assistance please feel free to contact TWC directly. We can be reached a number of ways.

Twitter: @TWC_Help
Live chat:
by phone 1-888-TWC-ABLE
Live chat via My TWC® App
or even request a callback via the My TWC® App

Thank you for your participation in the Forums!

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Re: Live TV and Firefox

I did that on yesterday and after being on the phone with a technician for approx. 45 minutes, the issue is still unresolved. I was told to expect a call back either last night or this morning and guess what? Still nothing! This is a brand new installation as of yesterday and I must say, so far, it's just not worth it. I am very sorely disappointed at the moment.  

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On my brand new Windows 10 PC, Shockwave Flash crashes ALL THE TIME when using Firefox and Live TV. Everything is up-to-date.  No problems with Flash and IE 11 on



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Re: Live TV and Firefox

I was also told to contact support and was told that I need to do is a speed test the next time it happens. By the time a person has run the speed test the issue has passed and the speed is back to normal.


As support is unable to solve the issue I have to assume that the only reason everybody is told to contact support is to stop everybody from posting here and making TWC support look like fools.


If this was a network issue then live tv and "on demand" should behave in the same way. I have stopped watching live tv and just watch "on demand" just to be able to have somewhat of a decent playback.