I'm having serious Dish Network withdrawal

1. The remote is awful.
(A) no DVR button, so you have to go to the menu to find it.
(B) no 30 second skip button. This SUPER frustrating. It makes fast forwarding through football almost impossible.
2. The iOS App seems to be useless, I can set things to record on it, but when I get home- nothing is recording.
3. Overall design of the interface is so clumsy. With Dish everything was intuitive, but with Spectrum it's like everything is placed at random.
4. OnDemand - after watching an episode, there is no prompt to easily watch the next episode. Terrible design. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Dish have al figured this out, why hasn't Time Warner / Spectrum.

On the positive side, the price is cheaper than Dish. I guess I just wonder if anybody else has noticed these things and what has made you stick with Spectrum.

Re: I'm having serious Dish Network withdrawal

1. My remote has a DVR button
2. the iOS app works for me
3. It's not the DISH interface
4. After watching an episode, the screen returns to an episode list.