HELP: Online app not working

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I haven't been able to view any channels live on the online app for a few hours. Whenever I choose a channel I get a pop up window that says "An error occurred during video playback" "This video temporarily unavailable. Please try another video or try again later", then it continues to search. I updated Chrome, tried another browser, cleared browsing data, and reset modem and it didnt help.


Any ideas?


Re: HELP: Online app not working

I too am having this problem now.  I have had this problem before.  It is not your computer or browsers problem, it's Spectrum's.  Nothing you can do, other than reporting it.  

I am located in So. Cal.  


Re: HELP: Online app not working

I just wanted to report that it is now working for me.  They fixed it pretty quickly this time.

Re: HELP: Online app not working

Yep, just now fixed in So Ca. Can someone from Spectrum please respond with the possible cause and if there is anything I can do on my end to prevent this from happening in the future?

Thank You

Spectrum Employee

Re: HELP: Online app not working

Typically front line representatives are not given information as to cause/resolution of issues like that. Those are handled by engineers when the problems are reported and they work to restore the service functionality as quickly as possible. The best thing you can do when these types of problems arise is to call and inform us. They will request you do some standard troubleshooting prior to escalating the issue, but the sooner it is reported, the sooner a resolution can be made.

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