Channel 2 no longer on app

Why can't I watch channel 2 (wgrz) on the app anymore? Doesn't show up on tv, phone or tablet. Very disappointed!
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Re: Channel 2 no longer on app



We apologize for any poor experience.  Deletng and reinstalling the app usually resovles most issues.   If the issue persists, we encourage you to contact support directly for further assistance.


Please contact us at: 


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Re: Channel 2 no longer on app

LOok for NBC, way down the list, may no longer be on the ch2 or 6 slots, you may have switched from your favorites or numerical to alphabetical order...

it's not one that's going off the air as it's on uhf ch 33 away from the 600 mHz 5G takeover. Many others are going off the air this/ next year.