TWC app after upgrading to IOS 10

  W/ IOS 9, app worked fine.  After upgrading to IOS 10, the app works, however when I exit the app the next time I try to activate I get "restart app."  When I restart app I get is a blank screen and have to restart the iPad Air.

  I reinstall the app, didn't do a thing.

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Re: TWC app after upgrading to IOS 10

We are sorry to hear you are having trouble. When you exit the App are you signing out

or just closing down without signing out first? 

What version of the App are you currently using? If you will take a look for me. 


Thank you. 

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Re: TWC app after upgrading to IOS 10


  thanks for getting back to me.  I do not signout of the app, as I'm not sure how.  When I ran on IOS 9, I would just exit and then return.  In fact, on my iPhone 5s running IOS 9, I can exit and then return.  The version of the app is 4.5.3 (183)

  Also, how does one set the channel selector to remain on Favorites and not return to all?



Re: TWC app after upgrading to IOS 10

Good afternoon,


There is currently a ticket open for this issue. TRB6343276.  Our Video support team is investigating the issue. Thank you for your patience while we work to find a resolution to this issue. 



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