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Re: Spectrum TV app on iPad not storing favorites

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@hip7 and @CinOh2000,


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Re: Spectrum TV app on iPad not storing favorites

I too have had same problem, iPhone and iPad. The app was fine and suddenly stopped retaining favorite. Called spectrum, they sent out repairman, he said they do not have any control over the app. Very frustrating! 


Re: Spectrum TV on iPhone not storing favorites

I also have the same problem.


It happens regardless of the device I'm running the Spectrum App on because it occurs on my Samsung Galaxy S6 running stock Android, my Roku 3 box, my TCP Roku TV, and my Asus tablet running stock Android. It also happens on the website that I access via my laptop's Chrome browser, as well as with the Microsoft Edge browser. This happens whether my devices are connected via my home wifi (which is through Spectrum internet), away from home on my cell phone's Verizon data service, or even using another wifi hotspot.


No matter which platform I use, when I try to mark channels as favorites they don't all save as such. I will mark the heart to indicate they are a favorite and that indicator remains as long as I am on that screen, but as soon as I navigate elsewhere and return to the guide or to the favorites setting screen most of my favorites I just marked are no longer saved. I've even left that favorites setting screen open and idle for 10-20 minutes after marking the channels I want in case the issue was that I was navigating away too soon before it has been able to completely transfer my preferences to the server, but it still makes no difference. It seems like the ones that do save each time I try are random, but they do seem to be grouped together. For example, it may be the first 15-20 I chose, or the middle 30, or the last few that get saved on each attempt. But not anywhere near the total 83 that I try to set as favorites. This has been occurring for a couple months now and despite attempts to uninstall the app on my devices and re-install it (which obviously isn't an option when using the website via my web browsers) the issue remains.