Spectrum TV on iPhone not storing favorites

So, I'm pretty happy with the app. My only problem is when I select favorite channels they don't stay marked. Is there a limit to the number allowed? I was told by he twitter support that it was a storage issue with my phone (seems odd since I have over 20gb free). Apple of course refers back to the app developer.
I am on iOS 10.3.2 and have the latest app version. Have deleted and reinstalled, rebooted everything possible with no luck.
Any suggestions on what to check next? Device is iPhone 6s.
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Re: Spectrum TV on iPhone not storing favorites



I was not able to replicate the issue using the same device and OS.  There is not known issue reported.  Can you delete the app again and reinstall after restarting the iPhone?  Let us know if the issue persists.  


James M.
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