On demand and Live tv error 107

I have been using the iOS app with no problems and used once after the latest update. Since a few days ago every time I open the app:


"Live tv/on demand unavailable"

"The account holder has either blocked access to this feature or does not subscribe to an eligible video package (107)"


so far I have tried:

signing out and back in of app

reinstalling app

resetting modem

resetting cable box

signed into account with no restrictions noted

called customer service that said no restrictions on account


same error on two iPads and two iPhones either on or off home wifi


hopefully someone can help!


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Re: On demand and Live tv error 107

We would be happy to look into this further for you. If you will please contact us 

directly @  TWC_ForumsHelp


Please include your 

1. Account number

2. Username 

3. Have you been able to utilize TWCTV from any other devices? 


Look forward to hearing from you.


Julia R.
TWC-Social Media Customer Care
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Re: On demand and Live tv error 107

Any luck getting this resolved.

Re: On demand and Live tv error 107

I'm getting  the same exact error message. Did you get it solved?


Re: On demand and Live tv error 107

I've been getting the same error since Spectrum took over TWC in October--if anyone figures it out, please let me know.  It is driving my wife and kids crazy because they are used to watching TV on mommy's iPad and the Roku in the playroom.