Issues with Live TV

I've grown accustomed to this app failing after local commercial breaks.  It's been reported months ago but has never been addressed.  Now a new problem has cropped up where the audio begins chopping and cutting out after about 30 minutes.  Nothing I've tried seems to fix this, and no other streaming app ever does this.  Just Spectrum's.  Do I give up and drop Spectrum for good or are you going to fix this?


(If you refer me to technical support for bogus troubleshooting when we all know this is an issue with your app, I will cancel immediately.)

Proven Sharer

Re: Issues with Live TV

This is primarily peer to peer support. The few Spectrum employees that are on here probably don't have any details other than the IT dept is working on it.  I work for a big company and trust me when I say customer service and help desk are the last to know any details.