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p700 error on all of my rokus

...getting annoyed. no channels work giving me p700 error and s-18 error earlier.

Wifi is fine, signals are fine, etc etc its your end spectrum. step up and fix the issues


TWC Roku app not working

For the last two days, the TWC Roku app has not been working on either of my TVs/Rokus. I off course have a current TWC TV subscription and a DVR box on one of my 3 TVs. All the other Roku channels that require a TWC TV subscription still work, so this is not a subscription issue to TWC TV or an issue with my two Rokus. I think others have had that problem recently. 

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Re: TWC Roku app not working



There were some recent updates to the TWC TV app for Roku. Usually, deleting the app and reinstalling it will resolve update issues.  The Roku may need to be re-started through the Roku settings as well.  If this does not resolve the issue, please let us know.  


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Re: TWC Roku app not working

I read your response, I have a slightly different question. Maybe you can help. I can get NESN channel 27 on both tvs and on my computer, but can't get it on my roku attached with a HDMI to my other tv, and also not on my twc tv app on my phone. Suggestions? Thanks, Chris


Re: TWC Roku app not working

I tried to reinstall the app on my roku stick and the channels still don't work
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Re: TWC Roku app not working



We are sorry to hear you are having difficulty. It is not clear if you are having the same problem as @PGV


If you will provide some additional detail about the problems you are having specifically we will 

do our best to assist you. 


Are you receiving error messages? Does the App open and then close. @PaulJenn99 are 

other apps on your Roku working? 


@crispy56 not all channels are available on the Roku. We can check that out more closely. What is your zip code? 


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Re: TWC Roku app not working

Thank you for getting back to me. NESN is New England Sports Network TWC channel 27. I can get it on TWC TV on my laptop as well as on my TV. Could you advise me if this station is available on Rocku? My zip code is 04005. I did not receive an error message the channels go from 26 to 29 on roku , no 27. Thanks, Chris


Re: TWC Roku app not working

You know very well why it does not work.  The same reason HDMI output is disabled in Android; so you can keep making money by making us pay for your cable box.

Stop treating us like idiots!


Re: TWC Roku app not working

The twc app clearly updated on my roku and now when I try to open it, it launches to the logo, then flashes and goes back to roku home screen. I threw out & reinstalled app, restarted roku and same thing. Help!

Re: TWC Roku app not working

I apologize for the issues. There are some reports of the same thing happening with others and we are looking into it.