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missing 80% of roku channels!!

All of a sudden 80% of my channels disappear.


I unistalled and installed the APP. What do I do now???


Just wait??? $190 / month and      ?? i dont think so!! 


Re: missing 80% of roku channels!!

Uninstalling re-installing does'nt work, according to one of their techs it's an outage...they claim to be working on for two days... i called them and got a credit on my bill told them no full service no full pay.


Re: missing 80% of roku channels!!

You need to reset the modem and all cable boxes, something is out of sync



Re: missing 80% of roku channels!!

Did all of that still does'nt work .


Re: missing 80% of roku channels!!

I am missing all the premium channels. I was told they rolled out an update and it caused the issue. This was last week and I have not seen a fix. Its not the app because I cant see those channels on the URL either. 


Re: missing 80% of roku channels!!

I have Roku sticks on all TVs.   I couldn't get the Spectrum app to start up on *any* of these Rokus until I reset the Roku.    First, I did a cache flush.   Use the Roku's remote.   Press these buttons:

  • Home 5 times
  • Up 1 time
  • Rewind 2 times
  • Fast Forward 2 times
  • That worked on 2016 Roku Stick 3600 and Roku Express Plus (3700?), and also on the 2017 Roku Streaming Stick+.  I think same steps work on all Rokus.

After that, I removed each Roku stick from the TV, disconnected the USB power cord for about 30 seconds, then hooked everything back up.   For the Express+, it uses AC adapter so I unplugged it from the power strip.   All of that caused the Roku(s) to restart the Spectrum app from scratch, necessitating login with password, etc.     "The system" acted as if the Spectrum update didn't actually install until after I'd reset the Roku.  Had to do this for all 4 of them.

I got one of the new Roku Streamins Stick+  sticks that's supposed to have increased wifi range.  It perfoms exactly the same as the 2016 model Sticks and Express+ that I have.   I can't see one bit of difference in wifi performance.  But having TV volume control on the Roku remote is real nice.    I do live out in the boonies.  My wifi devices can see other houses' wifi networks, but all the houses are too far apart for anyone's wifi to interfere with anyone else's.    I get completely acceptable streaming with my Roku sticks on wifi.   This house is ancient (built in the 1860s.)    I do not have and will never have modern ethernet wire to every place in the house that I want a TV.  The Roku sticks and a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750  R6700 router work great except for two rooms at the very opposite end of the house from the router, which is in a front room.    I lnow:  It's amazing that this setup works at all especially in a huge (and I mean massive) big house, but it does.   :-)