Re: channels missing (1-100)

I got up this morning and was missing my first 100 channels and perhaps more, who knows? I tried a good hard boot on my Roku, but that did NOT fix the problem. I tried to called Spectrum Tech Support and report the problem. Of course, I got a message saying the office was closed and they hung up on me! Typical lousy service I've come to expect from Spectrum.


Re: channels missing (1-100)

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If you are still experiencing an issue with missing channels on your Roku device, you can contact us directly via the following private LINK. Please include your account number or the phone number associated with your account in your reply. We can look into your settings to recommend the proper troubleshooting steps to resolve your issue. 


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Re: channels missing (1-100)

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 It could be the level of service you have from Spectrum. I don't think you will get channels 1 through 100 if you only have what TWC calls Starter TV (I don't recall what this level of service is referred to by Spectrum). The company has encrypted all channels, so the only way you will be able to see anything on channels 1 to 100, or any other channel for that matter, is to use some sort of cable box (or at very least a Roku player with a special app, as I will explain) with at least the lowest level of service offered by Spectrum. No box, no service, no exceptions. If you don't want to pay for a box, you can always use a standard OTA television antenna; however, that is your only option if you want 100 percent free TV.


Cable TV is not as it was before Spectrum. In those days, you could connect your cable directly to your television and get at least channels 2 through 13; however, isn't like that anymore. Today,  Spectrum demands that a cable box, digital transfer adapter (DTA), or at least a Roku player with the Spectrum app be used between the cable and your TV. You will get nothing but snow and white noise on your TV screen and in your speakers, respectively, if you try today to get anything on your TV just by connecting the cable directly to the set, even if you have Spectrum's best (and most expensive (!)) level of service. That is the way it is, and it isn't going to change.