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Roku 2. TWC was working fine til about midnight last night. Have powered off, reset both Roku and wi fi router and several other steps taken by others in this thread all to no avail. NOT a happy camper.

Re: TWC Roku app not working

This problem began happening last week.  NESN will not show up in the ROKU or on a Samsung smart tv.  I have tried delecting and reinstalling the app on the ROKU's several times along with resetting the ROKUs by unplugging and my shutting down through the app. 

I am wondering why this seems to be a reoccuring issues that does not get resolved by TWC?


Re: TWC Roku app not working

On Roku home menu:
Home button 3x, Up 2x, right, left, right, left, right.
Ok to restart.
Once it restarts do this a second time.
You can not pause when pressing buttons, or it will not work. This is a short term fix, because eventually you will have to do it again. I got this solution from a TWC rep and a Roku rep at different times.

Re: TWC Roku app not working

Try restarting your modem/wireless router

Re: TWC Roku app not working


I have twc cable tv and internet as well as twc  app on roku.


All was fine until a few days ago when app required me to sign back in. Did so and receive error message about needing to be on twc modem. I am and have been. 

Reset modem, no joy

Uninstalled and reinstalled app 4 times, no joy

Restarted roku, no joy

Factory reset roku, a royal pain as must enter passwords for all other apps.

Enter for twc and same  stupid message.


Frustrating and caused by your faulty protection software I presume.


Really don't want to enter passwords the the 56th time. Hope you can help.





Re: TWC Roku app not working

Please contact us directly via the following private LINK and we would be happy to look into this for you. Please include your account or phone number in your response.


Melissa O.

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Re: TWC Roku app not working

My app says that I can't access TWC app without a cable box. I have a Roku SE. On my Roku streaming stick it works fine as well as my roku 2!

Re: TWC Roku app not working (RESOLVED!)


Thanks TWC people for your help.



Re: TWC Roku app not working

We are having the same issue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the TWC app, but it's still throwing an error message ("Session Error"). I'm really getting frustrated.
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Re: TWC Roku app not working

In the case of "Session Time out" there is a step you can take you may not have

done, please let us know if this does not work for you.


Through your Roku settings please select to power off. Once this 

powers off, leave it off for just a little bit. (30 seconds-1 minute or so) then 

turn it back on.

You should have to log back in, this should resolve that error. 


Julia R.
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