TV app for Roku

The Spectrum TV app keeps going out right in the middle of watching a show. It did that last night stayed out for hours then came back on. Tonight it is out again. I have had problems with the phone and I am tired of them promising to fix the phone and the TV app. They need 2 give us all refunds when their products do not work like they're supposed to. However, I haven't seen any such refund from my bill that I pay every month. It is wrong, wrong, wrong!


Re: TV app for Roku

I'm experiencing the same trouble with the Spectrum streaming.  It started early this week with just not being able to find some stuff "on demand" but has now become one of "it doesn't work at all", period!  As far as receiving a credit, I have found in the past that you have to ask for it and when you do, you usually get it.