Spectrum tv app on my Roku isn't working

The on demand portion of the spectrum tv app stopped working. Gives me ROD 1003 error code. My library doesn't work either gives me RGE 1001 error code. Everything else seems to work. I want to binge watch the Simpsons. I was happy to see the had the whole series but I can't watch on demand. I've tried restarting my Roku (twice), I restarted my router and I tried uninstalling the spectrum tv app but nothing works. I am so not happy. Now it's not working at all. Gives me RGE 1001 error. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Re: Spectrum tv app on my Roku isn't working

I keep getting the same message. This usually happens when they update their app.. Sometimes it takes until midnight to fix it. I go into apps and select the the station you're looking for to download the app. Sign into your spectrum account and watch the shows they have to offer. Sometimes you'll get more episodes this way... I hope this helps you🙂