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The Spectrum app may not be something that customers pay for, but it is something you advertise as part of your package and therefore there is reasonable expectation that it will actually WORK!  Currently, it are down multiple times a day, sometimes as little as 90 seconds after we just reset it!  This may not be a priority for Spectrum to fix, but I would strongly suggest they make it a priority (and please pass this message along), because I went to your competitors site today just to see what else was offered in the cable area.  You don't offer wireless.  They do.  We don't want wires all over our house.  We don't want to pay extra once you finally get wireless.  Right now, the Roku Ap allows us to bipass the need for wires - BUT NOT IF IT ONLY WORKS INTERMITTANTLY.  I doubt the "this isn't something customers pay for" defense would work in civil court (I am not threatening litigation here because frankly we would drop the service first) when you advertise this as a feature right on your home page.  PLEASE GET IT FIXED!  We do pay for your service.  If you want to keep customers you will make it a priority.  You're not the only game in town.

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Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

Again.... what model Roku's are you guys using, and what OS version?


We have been internet only for a long time now.  Used several streaming services over the years... as well as several different generations of Roku and OS.  I held off on upgrading the boxes until absolutely necessary (or there was something like a Black Friday deal too good to pass up) because we rely on 3 of them.


The ONLY model that has rarely struggled at all with any of the apps are the newer Streaming + sticks (model 3810RW, OS v8.0.1 build 4090-50).  Apps that gave me trouble on all my previous puck models over the years (talking all the way back to 2012 models), work just fine on these newer 2017 models... ones with strong processors (Quad Cores),  strong wifi (I see them pull north of 150mbps on the 5Ghz side and up to 150mbps on the 2.4Ghz side...DOWNSTAIRS from the router ), as well as 1GB of RAM.   And these are STICKS plugged into the back of the TV's.  Granted they are also models built around supporting 4k streaming, so the hardware is considerably robust by comparison to those previous designs. (note also that the USB cord for extra power doubles as a wifi booster).


... and yes, Spectrum Stream is stable on them as well---UNLESS there are issues on the router (wifi issues and such) or further upstream (modem, Spectrum's side of things).


There can be some substantial differences in the specs across the generations, as detailed on the wiki:


If you are running less robust models, it may be more an issue with your Roku itself, or perhaps an issue with your signal/network quality (be that wifi, something hanging up the router/modem, or actually your internet).


My mother is retired, and often watches all day long through the app on our now 100/10 plan (they recently upgraded our area from the 60/5 plan).  Granted, occasionally a stream my drop when a new program starts, but that is isolated to specific channels.  The more troublesome ones we authenticate to the standalone apps instead to get around that on days when we would be watching back-to-back shows for those specific channels.


BUT... again... I am running models one notch down from the top model.


They are also intentionally somewhat isolated on the wifi as well.  The downstairs one is bound to the 2.4GHz band because it offered more stable signal quailty at that location,  and uses a manually defined channel specifically to avoid conflicts with Bluetooth and Microwave interference (I also run the BT coexisence feature on the router as well).  Everything else is in the 5GHz band unless it only supports the 2.4GHz band---and it is all N or AC as well, no 54G or older in the mix at all (actually blocked in the router config).


Just saying... it may not actually be the APP that is to blame.  Perhaps a closer look needs to be taken to the specific environment in play?


Really hard to discern such things when no one describes some key details about that environment--like model, OS version, and general network details (Modem and router models, wired/wifi in play for the Roku, and if wifi what band, channel width, etc.).


Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

It's complete (edited) to take away the Analog signal and then charge for boxes when an app exists that should work correctly. It's no wonder so many people are leaving cable companies behind when this is the kind of answer - get a box. It's 2018 for God's sake - make your software work or give everyone a free box forever. Right now your service sucks.

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Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

@ecwhc wrote:

It's complete (edited) to take away the Analog signal and then charge for boxes when an app exists that should work correctly. It's no wonder so many people are leaving cable companies behind when this is the kind of answer - get a box. It's 2018 for God's sake - make your software work or give everyone a free box forever. Right now your service sucks.

Never had to use a box in our market.  No adapters either.  And the app works just fine on our Streaming Stick+ models.  It was reliable enough on the older 2015 Roku 2's (4210 models)... was just sluggish and the WiFi was flakey on them (the hardwired setup in one room was far more reliable).  The legacy TWC 15mbit plan was an issue too if we tried to pull down multiple higher quality streams (3 TV's and Roku's, not to mention other devices).


But all that wasn't specific to Spectrum Stream... held true for Sling, PSVue, Hulu.... just about any app on them suffered in the same ways.


Noticed a BIG difference when I upgraded us to the newer Stick+ models.  The free upgrade to 100Mbit has helped a lot too.  I have actually seen us peg upwards of 40mbit spikes now with multiple streams going (granted, I am also not limiting the Rokus to 720p anymore).

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Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

We encourage you to post some specifics on what trouble you are having. 


I also have had very few problems with my Roku 3. In most cases, if it is not a known

app issue, there is an underlying cause for the trouble. In most cases connectivity 

issues. In other cases the age of the device or storage available. 


What model Roku are you using? Wikipedia has a bunch of information about

the Rokus


That might help identify what generation you have and help determine what type 

of issue you are having. We would also encourage you to post Internet information, speeds, modem logs and signal level pages. 


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Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

Well said!!!

Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

I am using the Roku Express HD and lately the picture quality sucks.  I thought it was my wifi connection but when I watch Netflix the quality is great....Spectrum picture quality is terrible on every channel!.

And like everyone else, I experience poor connection during startup....sometimes I have to try different channels and then go back to the channel I want to watch and then it may, or may not, connect.

It's not the Roku box being used, it's Spectrums way of trying to get more $ from us by forcing their stupid boxes to be used.

I thought I was being ripped off by Time Warner but Spectrum has set the bar even lower.

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Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

No quality issues on our streaming+ sticks... and we are sometimes streaming multiple devices at once, perhaps with a couple laptops or consoles playing games online as well. 3 rokus, 3 laptops (one serving as a media server), 3 consoles (adding a 4th this weekend), and two phones. We are internet only, and only have one central antennae in the attic for locals as a backup for when the 100/10 internet gets too flakey (or flat out dies). We are pretry much a full on streaming household now.

Perhaps there is something off in your particular environment?

Just as an example, do you have good signal strength and low noise factors for the Wi-Fi so that you have a low glitch rate and are negotiating and maintaining Wi-Fi speeds as high or higher than your internet speed tier?

Your router may have a wireless log in the admin section that can give you some details on the quality of those connections, or you can pull up the Roku's secret screens with a key press chain if you want to take a look:

HOME 5X, FF, Play, RW, Play FF

First page gives you some key stats like temperature of the cores, CPU speed, voltage, basic IP config, WiFi channel, SNR, etc. The menu in the lower right corner has a Wi-Fi secret screen that gives you more details on how the Wi-Fi is performing like signal strengths, broadcast channel details (including the noise floor), how many glitches/sec in real time, how many glitches total that you can compare against total frame counts, how many reconnect attempts have been made. A lot of info one can use to help narrow down a good clean channel to use if you are not getting a solid lock on the transfer speeds.

Note their are some critical factors for the 2.4ghz band, as some channels in that spectrum compete with RF from common household devices like bluetooth and microwaves, among other things. Also note that 5ghz can be more adversely impacted by certain building materials, so may have a harder time getting through floors or a lot of walls in some environmemts than the 2.4ghz band. You can also choose different widths form the channels (basically, channel bonding) that can improve bandwidth if you have clean signal paths to work with.

If you haven't spent some time verifying quality of signal between the roku and the router, you may have some much needed tinkering to do.

Oh yeah... IDK if your model has this or not, but if it came with a USB dongle for supplying additional power to the unit--


Just like USB ports, HDMI ports are not all equal on how much power they will offer to attached devices. This can become a critical issue for some devices. It also doubles as a signal booster (at least for our + models it does). They allow me to peg over 100 mbps downstream to all 3 of our roku's... even the one downstairs from the router.

Re: Spectrum APP sucks!

Thanks for the information. My environment may be a factor in my picture quality issue, which btw, was just fine last night. All channels had a great picture.