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We recently had some channels not showing up on the spectrum roku app. Spectrum tech support tells me they don't know how we've even been using it since we don't have a digital box. We have the very basic starter channels and have always used the roku to watch our channels. Never have we been told that we have to have a digital box to use the roku app and it's been working just fine for the past year of using it. Since we mainly only use it for local channels and news I'm probably just going to cancel services and go to an attic antenna but thought I would ask around first in case I just got a misinformed tech since it's always worked for us. We only have one tv so have had no need for a box since we use the roku and I'm not going to pay a rental fee just to use the starter package. Any ideas?

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I have spent over 2 weeks now with the Spectrum forum support to no avail. You are not alone. The channels are also missing from the browser based viewing, and android and iOS apps. They so far have had me do a bunch of "trouble shooting" when the problem is clearly on their on end. Do not bother with the busy work.

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I don't know why you would be having trouble with your Roku missing channels. I also use a Roku player with the Spectrum application ahead of my TV; it has worked flawlesssly from the day I installed it, over a year ago. No missing channels or other issues, except for occasional stream freezes during bad weather. I do not have any digital cable equipment here (the cable connects to my TV through my VCR), but I do have a cable modem for home telephone, Internet and also to provide a wireless (WiFi) connection for my Roku player.


 I would try rebooting your Roku by disconnecting the power cube for about a minute, then plugging back in. (The cable modem may have to be rebooted as well by unplugging it from AC power for the same length of time, then plugging it back into the power socket on the back of the modem.) When the blue indicator light on the front of the Roku stops blinking, the unit is ready to use, and it should operate normally. You may have to re-enter your login credentials (user name and TWC/Spectrum password) if you get an onscreen request to do so.  You must also have at least one piece of digital equipment on your account in order for the Roku player to work properly, or at all.


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First of all I have one TV connected to one of the newer DVR cable boxes and 2 Roku TV’s. A week ago Sunday, we were watching a program on channel 1012, CBS, on the cable TV and the picture first froze, pixelated badly for several seconds and then went out completely. I checked other channels and they were working fine.
After about 5 minutes broadcast resumed and all seemed good. Later that evening I turned on the Roku TV in the bedroom and noticed channel 1012 was no longer displayed on the guide. I then tried a second Roku TV which I use in my office as a monitor/TV. Same results, channel was missing there also. The Roku TV’s I have are Insignia/Roku sold by Best Buy. The next day, I contacted their support line for the TV and spoke with a technician. He indicated that they had received several calls regarding channels disappearing, and recommended that I contact the cable provider.
The Technician at Spectrum/TWC had me unplug the TV, the modem and my wireless router and see if that resolved the issue and that didn’t help. I started reading the Blogs on this and have tried all of the potential solutions from changing my password and power cycling everything to doing a factory reset and reload the individual apps, reaching the same conclusion that the problem is indeed with the TWC.
Don’t waste your time trying to resolve the problem locally.