Roku 2 connection timed out

Today, I started having trouble with my Spectrum app saying the connection was timed out everytime I try to use it.  I have reset my connection and also restarted my Roku.  I tried to remove the app and reinstall it but my Roku says the app can not be removed at this time.

Any suggestions would be apprecitated.

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Re: Roku 2 connection timed out

Good morning. 

When is it timing out? When you first select the App or after it opens? Can you describe in more detail when you see this? Have you contacted Roku about the inability to remove the App? That issue is something we would not have control over. 


When you did a restart on your Roku had you powered down through the settings menu? Is the Roku up to date on the firmware? 


When you say you have reset your connection, are you meaning you have disconnected and reconnected the Roku to your network or you have rebooted your modem/router? 



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