RLC-1000 error code

A Spectrum service person just left and fixed a slow internet speed issue.  He replaced the modem.  My router is the same.


Now Spectrum won't work on my second tv where I use Roku.   It keeps asking for my sign in info which I enter correctly but never goes past that.


What's going on?


Re: RLC-1000 error code

You may need to reboot everything, including the modem, router, and the Roku. If that doesn't work you may need to delete the Spectrum TV app and reinstall.


Re: RLC-1000 error code

I have Roku.  My wireless and Roku work fine on everything EXCEPT the SPECTRUM app which works then disconnects and says it is unavailable. This happens several times something several times a day. Last night it was horrible and never reallly allowed me to watch a single program on Spectrum App.  However, even Free Speech TV came in sharp and fine.    The issue is the Spectrum App.