Picture skips ahead constantly on 'Local Channels'

I posted this a couple weeks ago with no response, am posting again.  I have several Rokus, several models.  On ALL of them, for the past month and a half, the video skips forward constantly on what I would call local channels (Fox, ABC, NBC and such).  It is virtually unwatchable, as it will play for 10 seconds or so normally, then skip forward 2 to 4 seconds.  Keeps doing this until it hits real time, then starts throwing up the blue bar every 30 seconds or so, then finally will fall back about 30 seconds into the video and then repeat it again.  It does this only on the local channels, everything else plays perfectly.  On demand also plays perfectly.  I'm in the San Antonio, TX area.  I've reset, restart, reloaded and everything - nothing changes it.


Re: Picture skips ahead constantly on 'Local Channels'

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You may have a coaxial signal issue.

 more than likely it's a device hoarding bandwidth.

 All these devices are wired, not wirelesss, correct?



Re: Picture skips ahead constantly on 'Local Channels'

Problem has been corrected.  Although I've done this many times over the past 2 months, did it again last night.  Removed the Spectrum app, and had added it back again to the roku.   It worked on all 3 rokus, so I suspect that a new app version is available.