New Spectrum Wi-Fi Service

Spectrum has just installed a new wi-fi only service into our apartment (Compass Landing, Newport, NC), supposidly in place of using the existing Router. First,  without a solution, it's lack of ethernet connections for my non-wifi devices (VOIP Phone, old TV's, NAS Drive, Printer) prevents me from using it,  Also, the lack of being able to connect my central NAS Drive (containing all of my centralized data available to both my Desktop and Laptop), also prevents me from using the new wifi connection on my PC's Network.


Second, I am also having problems logging into the Spectrum App, via my Roku device, when I change the wifi connection from the router to the new wifi. 


While continuing to view the Spectrum app through the router wifi, every 10 minutes I get an error that something has not worked right. Clicking on OK I am able to reconnect, however having it dump every 10 minutes with this message, is not very convenient. I then reconnected the wifi from the router to the new apartment wifi, which connects apps fine, except for the Spectrum App. Opening the Spectrum app under the new apartment wifi, immediately requires signing in to my Spectrum app. However, when I use the login for my account (same as used for the router), it just bounces back to the login again. I have also tried the login for the new wifi site (where I entered the MAC address for this Roku device), and it denies even knowing this login.  


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Re: New Spectrum Wi-Fi Service

You are not using an Internet service that is billed on the same account as your Video service correct? 


You mention a router and then also WiFi. Can you describe this in a bit more detail? 

It seems from what you say that you have a router in your apartment and also public Wifi. 


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